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4 Design principles that can increase your website conversion rate

Feb/7 By

A good web design is not enough to attract customers in this highly competitive market today. It is important to make the website conversion rate optimized. Here are four design principles that will boost your website conversion rate.

The Call-to-Action must be put inside a container

You should place your call-to-action buttons and lead-generation forms in a container. This is the most important element for conversion. You cannot treat it like any other page element. Putting the call-to-action button inside a container helps to distinguish it from the rest.

Make good use of color theory and contrast psychology

The color is the most important element of all our visual cues. When choosing the perfect button color for your site, you should consider the ‘emotion’ that the color conveys. Then you should test it using A/B testing tools. You should choose a color that is a total contrast to the background colors on the page. For example, purple on royal blue is not a good contrast. You can add bright yellow instead. The idea is to make the main page element visible so that it draws the attention of the visitors. You can use color wheel tools to select colors for your website.

Directional cues must refer to call-to-action

Directional cues can help the visitors follow the direction at which they point. You should place your conversion goal in the place where directional cues or taking your visitors. This will increase your conversion rate.

Make good use of your whitespace

You should place ‘call-to-action’ buttons on white pages so that it’s easy to find and clearly visible. But you shouldn’t have too much whitespace between the content and the call-to-action.

You should remember these points while designing a website. These features on your website will help in increasing the conversion rate of your site and thus get you more revenue.

5 Reasons why conversion rate optimization is necessary

Feb/7 By

In this competitive business environment, the conversion rate of a website is very important. These are the reasons for doing conversion rate optimization.

You get more customers

Conversion rate optimization lets you get more customers without spending anything extra. There is no advertising cost involved. It’s free. So, you should grab the opportunity.

Gives your website a different edge

If you want to do better than your competitors, then you should go for conversion rate optimization. It will give you a slightly better position in the market than your competitors. You can get higher profit-per-visitor than your competitors. This small increase in the profit-per-visitor increases the profitability of your business significantly.

It is a financially viable option

Your profit is sensitive to the conversion rate. A 50% increase in the conversion rate can result in 500% increase in the profit. A 10% change in the conversion rate can tell whether your business is going to make a profit or incur a loss.

It makes your business stronger

When your conversion rate improves, you will have more money to advertise elsewhere. So, you will create more opportunities to attract customers.

Chance to be the first mover

If your competitors haven’t done it, then you get the chance to be the first mover. So, you have more scope to get increased customer base and profit.

If you haven’t done conversion rate optimization of your website yet, then you should do it now. Otherwise, your competitors will go ahead of you.…

4 Reasons why you should hire a professional web design company

Feb/7 By

With so many templates and tools available, anyone can design a website. But if you want to stand out you should hire a professional web design company to design your web page. Here are the reasons why.


You will get a unique website if you hire a professional to do the job. It will help your business to stand out from the competitors. They can create custom design and functionality according to the needs of the customers.

More usability

A professional web designer can help you develop contents that are usable and easy to find. The contents will help to develop the credibility of your brand. The site they create is easy to navigate.

Quality of code

Professional web designers know the codes well. So, they will be able to develop a better site than the non-professionals. They can also design custom websites and not something using available templates.


The professional web developers know how to optimize the site. They can optimize your sites for search engines, conversions, and load speed. Thus, your site will be ranked higher in the search engine optimization pages.

It can be hard to choose a professional design company to help in building your brand. Though all the web design firms claim to be the best, when it comes to functionality, they cannot perform well. The companies now don’t want a great looking site only. They want the site functional so that it can bring them lots of customers. So, hire a reputed professional web design company today!


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